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Letter to Delhi Schools regarding Pollution
Posted On: Thursday, November 16, 2017


ASP Public School student’s council held special assembly and expressed their concern for the students of Delhi and NCR. They also held talks on how the young generation can contribute in raising awareness. The student council got together with other schools asking to share their ideas on reducing pollution.

They even wrote a letter to all the students of Delhi NCR expressing their heartfelt empathy and deep concern over the pollution in Delhi. The students of ASP Public School believe that they should “cherish life and share sufferings “together. They conveyed that they will hold their hand tight so that they stand unshaken in this time.


The students of Delhi

I write this letter to express my deep concern over the pollution in Delhi. With the mercy of God we express our most sincere concern for all the brothers and sisters, with the belief that we should “cherish life and share sufferings”. We are all with your to hold your hands tight so that we stand unshaken in this time. My heart fills with empathy when I think of all the children growing up in Delhi.

As we open the newspaper every morning the news and the statistics of Delhi’s smoggy atmosphere blare at us. Instantly it makes us to mull over it. We all know that day by day the smog, the pollution is on the rise. We feel concerned over these things. We are compelled to think about our dear brothers and sisters who are breathing in smoky chamber. As to that effect we have a few suggestions to be followed to make Delhi a better place to live.

Each of us can plant one tree and adopt it as our own sibling. We will be responsible for its growth. We can recycle the waste because it also poses threat of toxins getting in our ground water and wells and is disturbing the food chain. We can start this from our school and home. We can use wet and dry dustbins so that the wet waste can be decomposed and used as fertilizers. Try to take a walk to school rather than taking the bus or car once a week. Drop by drop makes an ocean. It is never too late to begin. We students can bring in revolution to make this mother earth a better place to live. The rivers which enjoyed revered status in our cultural heritage have now become a dumping ground. We can collect all the religious wastes decompose to fertilizers. It is well said that charity begins at home we students have to take the one step.

It is time for us to take responsibility for our actions. It’s important to act now.

In conclusion we students should take the control of the environmental issues concerning pollutions as we are present and future generations.


Students of


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