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Coping with heat wave
Posted On: Saturday, April 28, 2018

Heat waves or soaring tempreture has gripped parts of india these days. This abnormally high tempreture us adversely affecting the people causing physically stress, some times resulting in death.

To minimise the impact of the heat wave and to prevent serious ailnent one should be prepared with heat management measures.

The students of ASP PUBLIC SCHOOL Ghansoli conducted many activities to spread the awareness and to prepare themselves for the possible consequences. The senior students played a skit showing how to first aid the heat affected person. Some students made posters deplecting the extreme heat conditions and how to protect from it. Seom other class students made charts showing DOSand DONTS of managing heat. The activities were very informative and self-explicit. All the activities were conducted successfully and left a deep impact on students to be prepared for this extreme condition.

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